Friday, February 26, 2010

School on Wednesday! I went to meet the principal a couple of days ago and there was a bit of a semi-heated discussion about whether their Years 11 and 12 co-ordinator-equivalent was willing to let me study there (I think). Anyway, I'm a bit worried because Emerito (the head of the exchange company) was all, 'Victoria's so nice and clever and she will be brilliant!' so I guess I've got to be a super student now. (For the record, he drives pretty crazily and is quite animated.)

Their school system is like the one in France, where you pick an elective 'area' and do all the subjects in that area. I'll be doing all the compulsory subjects (PE, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish, English, Citizenship and something like current affairs/history/HSIE) as well as Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Geography (no idea why they're grouped like that), Maths and French.

I've made some friends in my Spanish Classes for Stupid Foreigners, and yesterday after the lesson four of us went to the bar and had a complicated conversation. One of the guys, Javid, is a Muslim, and he was trying to explain to Veselin (I think he's from Romania) something about politics and religion and wow that was a bit heavy for limited Spanish.

Anyway. Today I was planning on going to buy some school supplies after lunch. The other day I went shopping on Calle Fuencarral but it was raining and I thought, gosh, I miss shopping centres. I bought a lovely blue-grey wool cape for super discounted price and I thought about getting a pair of gumboots (it rains a lot, actually, and the weather is somewhat temperamental) but haven't gotten any.

Carnela is getting better. She still sheds like crazy, though. How do you get dog hair out of one's clothes?


  1. Oh my goodness, i want to see your cape. you need something rubbery to make the dog hair come off, it sounds like you're having an interesting experience so far. you have ALOT of subjects do you get any time off? Buy gumboots, they're cooler in europe.
    I miss you!

    I completely agree with Elodie - i want to see your cape. and you have a lot of subjects!
    You're clearly a mad trooper.

    What are Spanish people's feelings on the Winter Games at the moment?

  3. Indeedy - what they all said!
    Have fun at school, darl. You'll ace English, for sure. =P