Saturday, April 24, 2010

some petty statistics about spain

Times I have cleaned the toilet: 5
Number of items of clothing I have dropped onto the outdoor-indoor terrace of the old lady downstairs whilst hanging up the laundry: 4 (pegs: 3)
Visible injuries sustained from inanimate objects (ground included): 9
Injuries sustained from animals: 2 (scratches and other, less-harmful bites do not count)
Approximate length of my room (in metres): 4.5
Times I have been approached and/or touched inappropriately: 2
Things Canela will not eat: 0
Phone calls made/taken/answered in Spanish: 2
Days spent away from Australia as of today: 79
Blog entries avoided: 4


  1. "Times I have been approached and/or touched inappropriately: 2"

    By whom, may I ask? :p

  2. DUDE. One was in a club that my 'uncle' ran, and my 'cousin' and I were sitting in the VIP area (AHAHAHA WOO) and this guy just kept BUGGING me until I danced with him and then he was all wandering hands. Ugh.

    Second was in the street. By a homeless man. Who stopped me as I was walking home, squeezed my boobs. I'd rather not recount that again.